The Prinsen Boat location

  • Follow the highway (A4) in the direction of Amsterdam.
  • At the end of the A4 you will reach the Ring (A10) around Amsterdam.
  • Here you take the exit S110(Centrum).
  • At the first set of traffic lights you continue straight on into the Rijnstraat.
  • After approximately 800 meters the Rijnstraat becomes the Van Woustraat.
  • Keep driving always straight and you will reach Frederiksplein, make a right onto Utrechtsestraat.
  • After few meters you’ll reach the Prinsengracht Canal (the first Canal), before the bridge you should turn right (notice a bar at the corner) and you’ll find The Prinsenboat, Prinsengracht 816F, opposite house n.816.
  • Approximately 2.4km to The Prinsenboat (approximately 30 minutes of walking)
    • Take tram number 4 (the stop is located between central station and information at platform 4)
    • Get off the tram at the 5th stop, Prinsengracht (Utrechtsestraat).
    • As the tram pulls away, you will see a flower stand on the opposite side of the street. We are the first houseboat behind the flowerstand, Prinsengracht 816F and opposite house n.816

    Take a taxi directly to The Prinsenboat or one of the several trains to the Central Station.

    The new subway North/South route

    The North/South route, metro 52, provides a fast connection between the north and south.
    It only takes 15 minutes to travel from the north to the south and vice versa.
    With metro 52, it will only take you a quarter of an hour to travel from the new Station Noord to
    Station Zuid. While underway you will encounter six new metro stations: Noorderpark Station on
    the northern side of IJ river, Central Station, Rokin, Vijzelgracht, De Pijp, and Europaplein on the
    southern side. It runs every six minutes and later in the evenings alternating between seven and
    eight minutes.
    The subway station Vijzelgracht is close to The Prinsenboat, around 8 minutes walking.
    Subway station Vijzelgracht
    Station Vijzelgracht is located between the Weteringschans and the Prinsengracht. The station has
    three exits.
    Use exit Prinsengracht, walk towards the canal, this is the Prinsengracht already.
    Turn right along the canal and walk along the canal units you reach The Prinsenboat at
    Prinsengracht 816F.
    You can check if you walk in the correct direction by checking the house numbers; you have to see
    even numbers that will increase.
    The Prinsenboat is the first boat behind the flower stable and opposite cafe Onder de Ooievaar.